About Us

Who We Are

RatsDAO was formed with the core objective of establishing one of the most unique, exclusive, and prestigious NFT collections on Cardano. We have gathered the collective talents and knowledge of those within the Cardano NFT space to pursue this vision. We are a group of DeFi enthusiasts, NFT collectors, financial investors, and digital artists coming together to build a robust digital community.

Since its inception, the vision of RatsDAO has rapidly expanded from simply just collecting NFTs to investing in all types of emerging blockchain assets. The ever-expanding industry of decentralized finance and the advent of blockchain-based entertainment entities have forged a brand-new opportunity for investment. RatsDAO now brings that opportunity to any individual regardless of their net worth.

A Warm Welcome

Inclusivity is this DAO's core focus when it comes to its members. The average person in this space cannot afford to spend 25,000 or even 5,000 ADA on a digital art piece. By becoming a member of RatsDAO, you are immediately exposed to wide variety of blue-chip NFTs and DeFi assets.

By being a part of RatsDAO you are then immediately invited and encouraged to participate in the discourse of NFT and DeFi focused investment strategies. Once an NFT is purchased, RatsDAO members then hold the rights to how to utilize that asset. Whether it be fractionalization, lending, or selling back to the open market. The future of that asset is ultimately in the hands of you.

What's Next

This is only the beginning for Rats. As our community, treasury, and capabilities grow we will naturally expand into the increasing DeFi space. The opportunities are endless, and this journey is not expected to be a short one.